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Glee's 6th season is not to premiere till 2015 due to low ratings

Glee just wrapped up its 5th season, and the ratings of the show have definitely seen better days. Most season finales cause the ratings of the show to go up, but unfortunately not in this case. The shows finale, "The Untitled Rachel Berry Project," was watched by a not so impressive 1.9 million viewers. In this episode Rachel's dream of being on TV comes true when a network picks up a script for a pilot episode that is primarily about Rachel's life. The episode ends with the gang talking about how they once again be going their separate ways as they all venture out into new life territory.

So what is Glee to do to get those ratings up for their 6th and final season? Maybe they will head back to Ohio to check on Mr. Shue, Sue Sylvester and the rest of the newbie glee club. We may not be sure about the plot and how these characters lives will unfold in front of us but if the rumors are true we won't be hearing these angelic voices until 2015. FOX chairman Kevin Reilly said earlier this week," The advantage of having it on later in the season is we don't have to feel the pressure of delivering."

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