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Glee remembers Cory Monteith again

Viewers were surprised by Fox’s surprise second tribute episode to Cory Monteith. The episode writers pulled at viewers heart strings with a surprise ending to the National Competition. At Nationals, The New Directions team sang all of Finn Hudson’s favorite songs as their personal tribute to their friend and previous coach of the season. He would have been there with them fighting for a second win in a row if it wasn’t for his untimely death. Glee decided to kill of the character of Finn Hudson after Cory Monteith passed away in 2013. The shows creative team decided to keep the reason behind his characters death a mystery because they were afraid it could tarnish the reputation of Finn Hudson as a character. He was the glue that held together The New Directions. He was a hero to the Glee club members and he was such an influential character to teenagers around the world.
Their competition at Nationals was amazing and pulled at viewers heart strings with Finn Hudson’s mother and step father in the audience to cheer the team their son was coaching to victory. The same team that Finn himself helped bring to Nationals the year before. He was also one of the many people who brought the team to victory.
And the drum roll please. After an exhausting commercial break we get the results of the competition. Their competition was the Throat Explosion team who came into play this season. They are led by no other then Skylar Astin from Pitch Perfect. His guest appearance was amazing and The New Directions were shaking in their boots after watching their performance. It is down to the top two teams. Will The New Directions win for a second year in a row or will Throat Explosion take it away from them.
After all the tearful moments, we heard Fin’s favorite songs and even saw several flashbacks of his character from past seasons. And the moment of truth, The New Directions win second. Throat Explosion runs and cheers as The New Direction members stand frozen on stage in shock and sadness. Not only did they lose themselves, but they feel like they let Fin down. It was a powerful and surprising moment. Audience members expected them to win because of the tribute to Fin and Cory, but writers shocked audiences again with a loss for the team.
Next week is Glee’s 100th episode. They will share the favorite moments and songs with viewers and hopefully a few more flashbacks of the amazing Cory Monteith.

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