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Glee hits a low note with episode 101

Lea Michele at Glee 100th episode
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

This week’s Glee started off dull. After two strong weeks of amazing music and emotional moments, Glee did not deliver on their expected high. The original season one Glee members are still around and viewers expected a continuation of the amazing 100th episode, but the episode started off on a wrong note with viewers. Holly sang a song about partying all the time, that just didn’t blend with the rest of the episode around it. This is about a time of reflection and suddenly there is a random song that has nothing to do with everything else going on. I mean, glee club is about to end forever at McKinley High School, where are the tears?
Things did begin to change throughout the episode. It grew slowly on the emotional level. The Glee club members from all the years made a video for Mr. Schuester’s future son or daughter. It was adorable and touching. After the video played, five of the six original Glee members sang the song that Glee is most well-known for, Don’t Stop Believin’. Lea Michele, as Rachel Berry reprised her role as the female lead, but sadly for Glee long term fans, Cory Monteith wasn’t there to reprise his own role. Kurt and Puck helped cover the part at first. After a few moments of original Glee club member reflection, the rest of the Glee members join. First, the other originals from season one, then the rest of the Glee club members from more recent seasons joined.
Later in the episode, we witness this year’s graduation. This one is also anti-climactic and rushed. It is as if they tried to force a powerful moment into five minutes. Tina shares her news about getting into Brown, and graduation is suddenly over, the end.
Mr. Schuester returns to the choir room one last time before the room changes into a computer lab. There are voices of Glee members saying nice things to Mr. Schuester or about him. A tear jerker moment, Glee club is officially over forever. The tears curl over the edge of viewers eyes hearing Cory Monteith’s voice, as Mr. Schuester takes his final bow in the choir room.
There is still one more season to go. Next week’s episode follows the new graduated to New York City. Does this mean the last season of Glee will take place there? What will happen to Mr. Schuester and the other Glee members who are yet to graduate?

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