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'Glee' feud: Lea Michele and Naya Rivera talking behind each other's backs

Thing's aren't all roses on the set of "Glee." In fact, two of the hit show's biggest stars are feuding. Page Six reported on Wednesday, April 23, that Lea Michele and Naya Rivera hate each other and hardly hide it when they're on set. Their feud extends even beyond the show's set as they continually talk about the other behind each other's backs.

Actress Naya Rivera, actor Cory Monteith and actress Lea Michele perform during the kickoff of the Glee Live! In Concert! tour at the Mandalay Bay Events Center May 21, 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

According to one source, Lea and Naya are "always icy to each other." The source added that they "hate each other" and speak ill about the other "a lot." The cause of the feud? The source blames it on Naya, saying that she's jealous that Lea is the main star of the show and not her.

Things are so bad between Lea and Naya that one of them even reportedly walked off set recently. TMZ reported that on Tuesday, April 15, Naya, incensed about Lea leaving the set and making everyone wait for her return, complained about her to the producers. When Lea returned and heard what Naya had said about her, she stormed off furious. However, other sources on the side of Lea deny that she left the set because of Naya, as she wasn't even aware of any complaints, and that it was Naya who was kicked off the set because of her erratic behavior.

A source has told Hollywood Life that it is Naya, whose engagement with Big Sean recently ended, who is causing the trouble. The source said that she has been "clashing" with her co-stars and has displayed "erratic and unpredictable" behavior. The source added that Naya's behavior is so bad that it has to be attributed to more just a bad break up.

Despite what may be really going on during filming, both Lea Michele and Naya Rivera have publicly maintained that they love "Glee." Lea's character Rachel Berry made her Broadway debut as the star of "Funny Girl" on the Tuesday, April 22, episode. After the episode aired, Lea tweeted that she loved the episode and had a lot of fun filming it. Naya, meanwhile, excitedly tweeted about the episode before it aired, declaring to everyone that her character, Santana, is back.

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