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'Glee': Finchel spoilers will surprise fans, Lea Michele scoops season 4

Lea and Cory
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Despite the fact that Cory Monteith will not appear in the first four episodes of "Glee" this season, there will still be plenty of Finn action in the final months of 2012. Lea Michele revealed yesterday that Finchel scenes are currently being shot and that fans will be very surprised by the twist coming up for this former couple.

"Rise and shine! So happy to be back at work!! Finchel scene up first today!! :)"

Beyond the Finchel storyline, expect plenty of fun with the rest of the McKinley gang. Lea also shared that her character will reunite with former classmates and faculty this season.

"So beyond excited right now.. Shooting with @NayaRivera, Hemo, @DarrenCriss @chriscolfer, Jayma, Matty & @CoryMonteith!!!!"

Will her pals plan a trip to NYC or will Rachel be heading back to Lima? We will have to wait and see how the multi-city show will take place this year.

We obviously knew that Finn would be back for season four, but his place in the show has remained under wraps. Lea was eager to give fans a few curious hints about what he has been doing since graduation.

"...what he will be doing this year is very exciting. His storyline is so cool and so different. You couldn't even ever guess. Honestly! It's like, amazing. So that's something the fans can really look forward to. And people saw the pictures of us filming together in New York City together, so they won't have to wait too long. When [Finn] comes back, he's really back and it is great."

What do you think Finn has been up to since the end of season three? Find out this season on "Glee." The show returns September 13 on Fox.


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