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'Glee:' Did an on-set feud take place between Lea Michele and Naya Rivera?

Did Lea Michele and Naya Rivera have a fight on the set of "Glee"? Did Michele's "diva antics" cause Rivera to storm off the set? Was Rivera lashing out because of her breakup with Big Sean? Or did this rumored feud not even take place?

"Glee's" Santana and Rachel spent part of the season feuding.

On April 17, TMZ had published a story claiming that tensions had erupted on-set, and that one of the actresses had stormed off in anger. However, it is not known who was to blame, or which actress had stormed off. Several versions of the story seem to be floating around.

Rivera's sources told TMZ that Michele's "diva antics" were annoying most of the cast and crew, and that she had been making everyone wait to shoot a scene while she tended to "personal matters." Apparently, the "Sorry" singer had decided to complain to the producers on behalf of everyone. Then, when Michele returned and learned about Rivera's chat with the producers, she left the set in a huff.

Meanwhile, Michele's sources told the gossip site that the "Louder" singer was unaware of any complaints about her behavior, and that the two ladies hadn't even been shooting a scene together. They also reported that Rivera was the one who had stormed off set.

Later, Hollywood Life suggested that Rivera was the one who had flipped out, and that her behavior had become "increasingly erratic" since her breakup with Big Sean. As an insider explained, "Naya's been showing up, clashing with a few cast mates, and [her] behavior’s been a little erratic and unpredictable. This time around, she's trying to pin it on Lea. It makes no sense, especially since the two girls were on the set together but they weren't actually working [on a scene] together.”

Meanwhile, Gossip Cop argued that the whole story had been blown out of proportion. Their sources reported that Rivera was upset about other issues before filming even started. According to Gossip Cop, Michele did not leave the set to deal with personal issues. She only left once to participate in a Twitter chat with the fans.

Which version of the story do you believe? Has Lea Michele been acting like a diva on set? Or has Naya Rivera been acting out because of her breakup with Big Sean? Or did this alleged incident not even happen?

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