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Glee continues to bring tears to our eyes

Glee 100th episode
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

If the 100th episode of Glee was such a powerful tear jerker, what will the final episode be like? Glee fans have one more season to follow the current season, but it is sure to bring tears to the eyes of loyal viewers. Glee’s 100th episode was filled with fan favorites from past seasons, and thankfully it continues next week!
Quinn has been missing during the past reunions of the season, but has finally returned to the Glee club. She helped viewers remember the beginning of her journey in Glee club by performing with Santana and Brittany with a previously performed Brittany Spears song. It brings back memories of the first season where the three first auditioned for Glee club together. Their three voices together are better than ever and of course there dancing is perfectly on beat like always.
Quinn returned to Glee with her boyfriend from Yale, played by the well-known Chance Crawford. Puck isn’t very happy that the girl he loves returned with a boyfriend. Quinn is Puck’s true love and he came back with that thought in his mind. He recreates a song from their past, “Keep Holding On.” This song was performed by the Glee club when Quinn was pregnant and the Glee members were the only ones there for her. It brought tears to viewer’s eyes and was a very heartfelt and touching moment. The original Glee members joined Puck on stage with the original choreography as well.
The original Glee team is back together and stronger than ever. The only Glee member missing, of course, is Cory Monteith as Finn Hudson. He is with them in spirit and it is apparent throughout the show that he is loved and remembered.
During the last five minutes of the 100th episode, the original Glee members, along with Mr. Schuester, visited the auditorium where the pictures from the choir room will now stay until the end of time. One picture, of course, is of Finn Hudson.
“We were all raised by different parents, but we grew up together in the Glee club. It’s a part of all of us, of course you’re sad about it.” Mr. Schuster explains to his original Glee members. “I don’t have any more pep talks. I just have you guys and the memory of the people on this wall. My friends. We share this special bond. We’re the only ones in the world who know what this Glee club meant to us.”
Mr. Schesters thanks the kids for “going on this ride with me” and sheds a few tears. Of course, before this we spot Rachel shedding a few tears in the background. Both Rachel and Lea are both remembering Cory at this moment. Just another important Cory tribute no one saw coming.
Now we wait to see if April and Holly can save the Glee club before it is too late. Of course, with one more season of the show, I would assume they will find a way. Cannot wait for next week’s episode where fan favorites continue.

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