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'Glee' cast returns to set, Lea Michele hypes first episodes

Lea and Cory on the set

It is hard to believe that "Glee" will be back for season four in just a few short months. After the emotional season three finale, fans have been dying to see where things will pick up for characters like Rachel and Finn. Today, some cast members are back on the set, preparing to shoot scenes for the season four premiere.

Lea Michele was amongst the excited cast members getting ready for the return to work. Praising the plot and writing for the first two episodes, Lea tweeted her excitement for the upcoming season today.

"Read the first two scripts last night and they're SO GOOD! #gleeisback :)"

There is no telling where things will go for Lea's character. She will at least start the season in New York, miles away from her former fiance, Finn. Over the weekend, Lea dished about the changes for Rachel.

"I definitely think they saw us together a lot, so I think they want to sort of see what it's like for them to sort of be apart for a little while now. I think that's the dynamic, that's the dance where they pull them apart and bring them back together. I love working with Cory so I'm sad we won't get to work together too much, but they'll always be involved with one another whether or not they are dating."

Check back with the Glee Examiner for more fun spoilers about season four.


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