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Glassdoor reveals 2014's best places to work

The New Year is here and many have turned their focus to trying something new this year or improving life in one way or another. When it comes to job hunting, New Year resolutions aimed at getting a great job at an upstanding company are at an easier grasp.

With the release of Glassdoor’s sixth annual Employee’s Choice Awards for 2014 which honors the best places to work for, finding a company with a culture that suits your work ethic is as simple as looking at a list.

As with every year, Glassdoor collects data from employee feedback and synthesizes that information into a list of 50 large companies and 50 medium-sized companies that have been given the best reviews from its workers.

Some companies on the list don’t come as much of a surprise. Facebook, Apple, Google, and Chevron are just a few of the repeat winners that employees are raving about -- all of which are based in the Bay Area.

This data reveals great news for Bay Area job searchers, as there are a host of prosperous companies where employees love to work in which these prospective candidates can add to their job hunting list.

San Francisco-based company, Twitter made number two on the list of best places to work for on the 2014 report. 118 reviews later, this enterprise was rated 4.4 out of 5 and characterized as an “energetic place to work for,” and an “amazing company and culture in all offices” among many other comments.

LinkedIn, located in Mountain View, made number three on the list. With 689 reviews and a rating of 4.6 out of 5, numerous employees had many good things to say about this company including comments such as, “all around great place to work, with super smart people and perks.” Another employee described LinkedIn as “an intimate company culture given its size, with an admirable mission and world-class sales organization.”

As job seekers make their way through this list, take advantage of Glassdoor’s user-friendly ways to apply for jobs. Along with being able to click on review information on the list of best places to work for, users can also look at job openings currently available at these companies or any companies shown on Glassdoor via the Jobs tab.

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