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Glass water bottles recalled by Starbucks, CPSC reports

Starbucks patrons who may have purchased specialty glass water bottles this month at stores around the country were notified today by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission that the bottles have been recalled due to reports of hand lacerations caused by the product shattering.

The water bottles are clear glass (SKU 11003503) and have a blue label reading "Glass Water Bottle".  The 20 -ounce bottle has a glass stopper, which has been reported as susceptible to shattering as well as the actual container.

The company estimates that approximately 12,200 units were affected in both the U.S. and Canada.  In addition to free-standing Starbucks locations, Target and Safeway Starbucks branches had been supplied with the now-recalled bottles.

The CPSC press release states, "Consumers should immediately stop using the glass water bottles and return the product to the Starbucks location where purchased to receive a full refund.  Starbucks is also offering a complimentary beverage, of any size, to consumers upon return of the glass water bottles."

Please click here to view the recall and to see a photo of the recalled glass bottle.