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Glass Digital Mini Scale by Taylor: Review

Glass Digital Mini Scale by Taylor
Glass Digital Mini Scale by Taylor

Taylor USA is a company which manufacture's products for the individual via weight management, the kitchen,
your environment and for business endeavor's, such as the restaurant and hospitality industrial sectors.

Up for your perusal today is the Glass Digital Mini Scale by Taylor Products and it is available in both black and white. It's really, very small. It's so small, in fact that it's just slightly a little bigger than a Nintendo Gameboy and reaches 330 pounds in two-pound increments. Your size 11 and a half, pink, black and red, polka dotted, pom pom adorned dancin' boots will hang gently off of the edges of the scale and that's okay.

The point of this scale, in its entirety is size and it's a small one, at that. The Glass Digital Mini scale would most certainly and easily fit into most big ol', beauty products and spare clothes stuffed hand bag purses, backpacks or shoulder bags that has ever graced the shoulders of those for whom we love the most and it carries easily. Tote it to the gym with confidence and finesse. Take it with you to the dorm room. Lend to one who has not.

This aesthetically pleasing item is a Taylor product and can be purchased at any Target retail store. It retails for $19.99.

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