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Glamour basics covered while traveling with Mally

Glamour basics covered while traveling with Mally
Tamar Alexia Fleishman, Esq.

Some people say that all you need to face the world are a good lipstick and a pair of shades, but I disagree. I mean, unless you're stuck in the 1980's, you can't wear sunglasses inside . . . especially if you're in a professional situation. When I'm traveling, sometimes I really don't feel like putting on a full eye makeup. That goes for long-haul flights, jet-lagged mornings, mornings after big wine dinners, soft adventure or mis-adventure.

However, when I'm not wearing any eye makeup at all, I tend to look like a newborn parrot. Not a selfie moment, for sure. Definitely not the time for foreign hosts to take my picture, either. Fortunately, there's Mally to the rescue! I was happy to be hosted to experience it.

What's foolproof, color-proof, heat-proof? Lashes and brows. With them, you won't look so "raw".

The Brow Beauty Beauty Ultimate Brow Kit keeps it simple, yet complete. It comes in three shades, yet even as a blonde, I'm loving the Brunette kit because the brow pencil is double-ended and has a blonde side! Also, most blondes are blonde out of a bottle, so you may want to go in this direction, too. It has a sharpener/cleaner and brow gel. If you don't know what brow gel is for, it's to keep you from having Oscar the Grouch/Ed Asner droopy brows. Use the brush/comb tool to help ensure you don't have that fate.

Another time-saving/looks saving item? False lashes! I swear! Okay, Mally's are believable, not drag queen/pageant girl. The Mally lashes have a full and half set. The half set gives you the benefit of individual corner lashes without the fiddliness. Mally's lash glue comes out with a stiff little brush, so you no longer have to search the house for toothpicks. After all, who has toothpicks these days? I'm not even 100% sure where you get them.

With lashes, I always heard the advice to trim them to fit your eye. The thing is, I have very big eyes! Lashes never cover my whole eye. So, I used to start at the end and roll them on. That always resulted in droopy, sad looking eyes, very fake. I just made this discovery: I start them about a 1/4 inch from the end, because with their swoop and length, the lashes reach out to the side/end! That trick also works for the half lashes.

Mally has a waterproof, volumizing mascara that helps your real lashes blend in with the luscious fakes!

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