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Glam it up for the holidays

Everyone wants to look extra special for the holidays and a great way to turn head at a holiday gathering is to walk in with a beautiful smile and flawless hair and make up.   Ladies enhance your beauty and put an extra pep in your step by having incredible hair and fabulous make up.  Some of the hair styles that are popular for the holidays include: 

  • A long pony tail or braid perched high on the head with decorative hair pins, combs, or head bands at the crown
  • Just about any kind of updo
  • Hair pulled back in a Chic (also gives a mini face lift)
  • Long flowing curls pulled to one side with jewels pinned in the hair

To add a little more "oomph" to your look, here are some tips to give your make up a push.  One basic thing to remember when applying make up is that light colors bring out, make larger and highlight while dark colors recede, minimize, or contour.  So go ahead, make that transition,and don't be afraid to shine, sizzle, and pop.

The make up suggestions in this article are according to eye color and shades vary by individual.  As a result, I suggest experimenting with color and finding the right shades that work for you.  Applying make up correctly takes practice and with the right color combination, the finished product can be absolutely stunning.


Brown eyes-there is a lot that can be done in regards to eye shadow because brown eyes are the most common and the most versatile.   Some of the eye colors that make brown eyes pop with beauty are:

  • plums
  • pinks
  • oranges
  • purples
  • peach
  • greens
  • bronzes
  • browns
  • mustard
  • blue


  • brown
  • black
  • plum
  • dark gray
  • navy blue


for a dramatic look, try a red or berry stain


dusty pink


Green eyes - should avoid eye shadows such as blue, silver, white or pastels, they can give green eyes a washed out look

  • deep purples
  • plums
  • mauves
  • lilacs
  • gold
  • bronzes
  • deep greens
  • coppers
  • browns
  • medium pinks
  • peach
  • apricot


  • brown
  • gold
  • bronze


  • rose
  • mauve
  • plum
  • burgundy


  • rose
  • peach
  • apricot

Blue eyes-as a general rule are agreeable to many shades of eye shadow

  • gray
  • violet
  • taupe
  • deep blue
  • lavenders


  • black
  • silver
  • fuchsia
  • turquoise

Lip and blush color

  • light and neutral tones

Hazel eyes-are the hardest to match because of the vast color range, so when choosing eye shadow you must determine the most dominant color in your eyes.   If you can't make that determination, then use shiny silver eye shadow, it helps all the colors in hazel eyes stand out and gives them an extra sparkle.


  • chose a liner that enhances the shadow and avoid using basic black
  • plum
  • if using brown shadow use a gold liner


  • pink


  • frosty pink

Overall, any color of eyes look great with smoky charcoal shadows with dark liner.

From me to you- Have a Happy and Beautiful Holiday!


  • Takisha Garrett 4 years ago

    This article was very informative! It gave some very interesting points to keep in mind! Nice job!

  • Joseph 4 years ago

    I just had to show my wife this article, we don't get out often enough and she is worth every dime spent to look her best. If that's what she wants.

  • Barbara 4 years ago

    Great advice for novices like me. Great tips for colors to use based on eye color, makes it easier to narrown down all the options out there!

  • Regina Lander 4 years ago

    Great article!!!!! When you don't wear a lot of make up, it's hard to know what to use, this is very helpful not only for holidays but for any special affairs.

  • Jackie Brannon 4 years ago

    Wonderful article. Are you available to do my makeup for the holidays or any other special time? :-) Looking forward to more advice and hope you have a happy and beautiful holiday.

  • Anita Dawson 4 years ago

    Great article. The advice on color combinations of makeup was helpful. The model's hairsyle can be worn casually and still looks great in an elegant setting. Thanks for the information.

  • Shyra DeJuan Moody 4 years ago

    The article was extremely informative, will definitely have an updo for the Holidays!

  • Harlene 4 years ago

    Definitely information for thought, especially if you are tired of the same make-up and hair style.

  • Cathi Cornelius 4 years ago

    Thank you so much Catherine for always providing me with excellent hair and make-up services. I can't imagine living without your "special touch/gift" now (smile).

    Happy Holidays,