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Glade: Review for the Spring 2014 collection

Glade images
Glade images

Glade recently introduced the Limited Edition Spring Collection of room fresheners and smells-great items. This Pop Culture Examiner, was able to procure a few of Glade’s latest offering and the scents are something to talk about!

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The Glade Limited Edition Spring Collection artfully combines scent and décor, to add a little something special to our homes, which is much needed after the long polar vortex.

Glade Limited Edition Spring Collection:

  • Lift Off (A fresh floral fragrance with hints of white tea and magnolia that will revitalize you this spring and leave you feeling refreshed)
  • Live Loud (This bold, romantic floral fragrance with hints of rosehip and plumeria has a zest as energizing as spring)
  • Splash Out (A rejuvenating blend of blackberry notes)
  • Dig It (A vibrant citrus and sunflower fragrance and a gentle reminder spring is time to come alive and do what you love)
  • Let Loose (An energizing and fruity mix of the scents of kiwi and wild peach)


Lift Off: White Tea, Magnolia: The candle is both subtle and strong. An initial sniff is almost dissatisfying because you simply cannot get close to sate your desire. No. One must press one's nose against the pretty blue top and abstain from the urge of biting it. It's not candy of any sort … it just smells good enough to eat!

Plugin Scented Oil Warmer Customizables

Lift Off/ Live Loud: This plugin alternates scents from Tea and Magnolia to Rosehip and Plumeria.

Wax Melts Warmer

Live Loud: We only notice a slight floral essence. Other than that, we do not smell certain smells. We smell and it makes us feel happy, festive even. It sounds odd.But, it smells like positive feelings. Each essence cube lasts for almost an hour and lingers for a few hours afterwards.

Aside from the Limited Edition Spring Collection, we received Premium Room Sprays (9.7oz) in Dazzling Blooms, which is just pure olfactory delight and Playful Paradise that smells like joy. It's incredible. Both cans are so pretty that they add a beautiful touch to any home décor!

So, where can you get these premium room sprays, candles, wax melts warmers, and plugin scented oil warmer customizables? In the air-care aisle of limited mass retailers nationwide.

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