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Reasons to Dream!
Reasons to Dream!
Suzanne Jordan Villella, Artist

Americans: regardless of race, gender or age, we all find ourselves rushing from one point to another in an effort to both survive and to get ahead. Whether we are going to school, parenting, work, recreating or all four: we each get an opportunity to be productive. “I’ve been up since 6 a.m.”, says one person. “Oh me, I couldn’t sleep and started my day at 4:30”, says another. In a country that runs on tall cups of steaming hot triple mocha lattes and early morning Zumba classes, college students and working adults alike, find ways to push their mind & bodies to the max. Early morning news, ready in 5 minutes oatmeal, kid off to school, and running toward a day of mind or physically grinding, politically correct, go along to get along, can’t wait to get a new job cause this one is driving we crazy, work. Not so powerful lunches, because I’m on a budget to save for my vacation and I have to watch what I consume, knowing that I don’t want to see my blood-sugar spike, so I choose something exciting like a gluten free, no sugar or preservatives added rice cake. I’m glad to be an American!

Half the day gone and bill collectors have called twice already. “I sure wish I had the money you are looking for Mr. Collection Agent Man”, says the part-time temp worker. “Maybe I’ll go back to school to pursue another degree. Hmmmm, at age 38?” says the real estate agent.

This really is a great nation. A melting pot of people hoping to get a bonus at work, that their lottery ticket hits, on all numbers, a rich uncle leaves them money in a will or the possibility of launching the next big business idea! We live in a nation of immigrants with varying views and perspectives, both popular and unpopular. Gay rights, the national deficit, rising crime in big cities, increasing the minimum wage, medical marijuana and the list goes on. With so many choices, options and opinions, I’m glad to be an American!

Wow. It’s the end of the day and I’ve got to stop by the hospital to visit a friend, pick up dinner, that unfortunately has to be butter flied, sautéed, matched with the perfect wine and consumed, all while I watch my favorite television show, help the kid complete her fourth grade math, which I really don’t understand, send out a tweet on twitter or a post on face book, catch up on my reading, enjoy a shower and get in bed at a reasonable time to start the process all over again. Whew! I really am glad to be an American.

Darn it. I forgot to stop by the professional networking event to share business cards, while holding a beverage that started out as cold and listening to a long drawn out story of my best friend’s vacation to Hawaii. I really am glad….well you know the rest!

The point? So often you hear people, who live in this great country called America, yet there is so much energy, excitement and opportunity. Just never give up. This journey called ‘Life’ is worth it!

Edward Foxworth III is the host of the T.V. Show “American Entrepreneur”, a news magazine style show focused on entrepreneurs who are making extraordinary strides. His book, The Six Routines of Self-Discovery, part of the Recapture your Passion System is available at

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