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Giving your heart to a pet this Valentine’s – make sure it’s forever

This cat would steal your heart, but it needs to be forever.
This cat would steal your heart, but it needs to be forever.

Many dogs, cats, puppies and kittens can easily steal your heart. The joy of watching them is truly one of the biggest pleasures in life. They are so much fun. They are soft and cuddly or squirmy and wiggly and they are so easy to love.

This Valentine’s Day, many places across the nation will be having events to encourage you to give your heart to a pet. They will be ready to speed along your adoption process to help the many homeless pets across the nation.

While numbers vary depending on sources, we know there are way too many animals in shelters. In 2011 there were said to be 8 million homeless pets. There are too many euthanized animals across the nation at least 2.7 million put down in shelters every year. That means a healthy beautiful pet destroyed every 11 seconds. That is heartbreaking.

If you attend any of these events surely at least one pet will beguile you. There will be one kitty that stretches out its paw till it touches you. You may not be able to resist. One cat will meow pitifully and grab your attention. Is he the one that should share your happy home? The dog that looks like he has the saddest eyes you’ve ever seen will beg you to take him home. You will want to and possibly arrange it. That puppy that looks like he is on a spring doing his imitation of Tigger is going to capture your heart. He is going to be relentless in his pursuit of a new family. Or, if you’re like most of us, you want to take them all home. You are working out in the back of your mind how you can buy a ranch somewhere with enough room to house many pets. It’s just a dream, but it is in your mind.

This Valentine’s Day the temptations will be plentiful as all the shelters and other rescue organizations will be vying for your attention and your happy home.

This article is not telling you to resist. There are so many animals that need you. So many rescue animals would make a wonderful pet. They all would probably be a welcome addition to your family. Go for it! Give a pet a new life, maybe even saving that life.

As much as many organizations want to help, there is only so much money, so much help and so much time. The numbers of unwanted and homeless pets will always exceed the number of places for them to wait for adoption. They will also exceed the number of families that can share their home. To change this we need to keep spaying and neutering as well as care for those pets that live with us now.

One of the biggest problems is that people take on pets they cannot handle. They adopt pets that they don’t take care of and really do not love enough. These are the animals that end up back in the shelters. Some of these pets are abandoned again and again till they are animals with broken souls. There are, in extreme circumstances, reasons to give up a pet, but some folks bring them back as though they are merchandise and the shopper is just returning them. That is so wrong.

Most of these pets have had that superficial attention that some folks give to pets. It is not a genuine love or a till death do us part kind of affection. There is no commitment.

People decide the pet is too much trouble. Maybe the dog or cat does not actually make them happy. They may think if this animal does not suit me, I’ll just go get another one. Meanwhile with every change the pet goes through they become less trusting and more frightened.

If you want to give your heart to a pet this Valentine’s Day, please make a genuine commitment. Do not hurt another animal. Be there for that pet every day and give them the forever home they are all looking for no matter where they are adopted. They deserve your heart to be theirs forever because they will give you theirs totally without reservation. They will become the most loyal of companions. Remember the saying that dogs are the only mammals that love you more than themselves.

Such devotion and love must be honored. God has created pets to give us unfailing love and joy, they are his gift. We must give them our whole hearts and commit to them for life.

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