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Giving your cat a pill

A pill for my ills
A pill for my ills
Karla Kirby

It is possible to give your cat a pill—crafty as they are; you just have to be a wee bit craftier.

Start things going with a soft, towel, wet cat food and a syringe.

Try wet food; a kind he/’she loves and can’t resist. .It's just plain easier on everyone if the feline will just take the medication on his/her own. If you have a cat with a healthy, hearty appetite, you might try sneaking the pill into a spoonful of wet cat food. If the pill is too big to be guzzled down in a bite, cut it up into tiny pieces.

If kitty eats around it anyway, burrito wrap kitty up in a thick, soft towel to prevent damage to you via quick claws. .Cradle kitty in your arms inside the towel and then wrap and wrap until only the head sticking out.

Using your finger, soothingly but determinedly pry open the cat's mouth. Put the pill as far back on the tongue as you can and then close the feline’s mouth. Holding the mouth shut so kitty can't spit the pill out; tenderly massage the throat until the pill is swallowed.

Use a syringe for liquid medications. Liquid medication is much easier to manage than pills. By means of the syringe that came with the medication, fill it to the dosage essential. With the cat in the burrito position, soothingly pry open the mouth and then shoot the liquid to the back of the throat. The cat will automatically swallow it.

Placid, sleepy cats are easier to medicate than cats in the middle of a vigorous play session. Wait until your cat is napping on the sofa s before swooping in and opening his/her mouth. Be ready for a fight back once kitty figured out what's going on. If you are speedy and silent, it's possible to get the pill or liquid in and the job over with before kitty fully wakes up.

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