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Giving The Gift Of Sight

Rally For Eye Donation
Rally For Eye Donation
Tej Kohli Foundation

Think about this for a moment. Imagine if you can, what it would be like to never see a rainbow or witness the graceful fall of a shooting star? No matter where you are, you only have to glance around you to see the breath-taking beauty of nature’s splendor. Millions of people will never experience that incredible joy; sadly many of them are children.

Pledge To Donate Your Eyes

Do you know that even if you yourself are visually impaired in some way, you can still donate your eyes at death to give the precious gift of vision to not one person, but two people that have lost their sight? No matter if you have glasses thick as pop bottles, have problems with astigmatism, short-sightedness or long-sightedness, have cataracts or have been diagnosed with hypertension or diabetes, you can still donate as these conditions may not have caused damage to the corneas.

Persons that die of contagious infections such as syphilis, septicemia, AIDS, infectious hepatitis or rabies cannot donate for transplant. However, eyes from these patients can be used in research.

Pledging to donate your eyes is one of the most generous and selfless acts you can ever do. An eye donor pledge card is a commitment to donate your eyes when you die to allow others to have the vision that will allow them to live a happy and productive life.

To ensure that your wishes are carried out, it is important that your family is aware of your desire to donate. At the time of death, the hospital will ask a family member to sign organ donation papers, even though you previously signed a pledge. Families are not pressured nor are they charged or paid for any donation. It is against the law to profit from organ donation. Eye banks or local NGO’s assume the cost of the procedure and the recipient of the donation is selected from a waiting list of patients that can benefit from eye transplant surgery.

Donating your eyes provides a ray of light in a world of darkness. Although death of a loved one causes great sadness, there is comfort in knowing that the beautiful and knowing eyes of your departed live on lighting the darkness for others.

Tej Kohli Foundation Promotes Eye Donor Awareness

The Tej Kohli Foundation is one of the many humanitarian relief organizations, medical charities and determined individuals that diligently work to make the world aware of the shortage of eye organ worldwide and how when corneal transplant surgery is provided, miracles happen and sight is restored to millions of blind previously deprived of eye care services.

The lack of eye donors is especially grim in India. India is the poorest country in the world with a population of 1.5 million. Of that number 15 million are blind, sadly many of them are children. Corneal blindness is the biggest cause of blindness in India as well as many other developing countries. Corneal blindness can be the result of congenital disease, infection or injury to the delicate cornea that covers the eye. When damaged or diseased, the cornea loses transparency and become opaque. Corneal transplant surgery can offer the gift of sight to as many as 4 million of India’s blind.

Recently he Times of India reported, “The annual need of corneal transplantation to remove the backlog is 2.5 lakh but in India only about 45,000 eye donations take place. And of these only 50-60 percent can be used for corneal transplantation.”

India billionaire businessman Tej Kohli, generous philanthropist and founder of the Tej Kohli Foundation, work at treating curable blindness in India. Kohli notes, “It’s a huge problem, but an entirely fixable one with the right interventions. Our active approach to philanthropy sees us working alongside experts on the ground to make sure as many people as possible can benefit from free health checks, glasses, treatments and surgery where necessary. We believe the benefits of restoring sight go farther than the treated individual: their family, their community and society as a whole benefits – and that’s where we see return on the investment.”

“Lack of awareness among general public, traditional beliefs coupled with infrastructural barriers make this noble act an uphill battle," said Tej Kohli, founder of the Tej Kohli Foundation. "While there is no doubt that rate of eye donations has picked up recently, but the myths associated with eye donation is still holding back many from contributing to the cause." Kohli noted.

Mr. Kohli explains that long-held religious convictions and family convictions often prevail and that while most people in India are aware of eye donation, they don't know the exact procedure to go about it. There is an inhibiting lack of motivation and cultural stigmas prevent many people from even considering donation of their organs at the time of their death.

The Tej Kohli Foundation funds substantial monetary grants to assist in serving the needs of the people and in offsetting the cost of corneal transplants carried out by Niramaya, a Gurgaon based NGO. These helpful contributions provide eye not only for the blind in Gurgaon; they also include additional funding for each additional city in India in which the blindness intervention program expands. Indian health experts predict that the innovative humanitarian outreach program provided by the Tej Kohli Foundation will grant the gift of sight to tens of thousands of visually impaired and blind children and adults in India.

In all likelihood, many people have never heard of Tej Kohli. Mr. Kohli is a quiet, introspective man determined to do what he can to make the world a better place. The Tej Kohli Foundation stated, “Kohli is an international businessman and philanthropist, with a diverse portfolio of commercial and charitable operations in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and India. His business interests range from e-commerce and IT, to real estate and reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. The programs of Kohli foundation are comprised of passionate people committed to addressing the critical needs of young people in India, Costa Rica and beyond. By inspiring communities, states and nations, by motivating individuals and institutions, by supporting local leaders with programs and facilities at community level, we will make a difference in the lives of millions of children.”

The Netradaan – Tej Kohli Foundation Eye Donation Program asks for your help, stating, “Vision the most precious gift god has ever given to mankind. So, don't turn a blind eye to this noble cause and help someone see the world. Pledge Now!”

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