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Giving martial arts a try

Has your child shown an interest in martial arts, but you aren't sure if it's a genuine affinity or the result of too many Karate Kid commercials? Greenwood Community Center is now offering you a chance to find out.

The Greenwood Community Center has partnered with Pilsung Martial Arts to offer an introduction to Tae Kwon Do for children 5 years and older. Participants meet each Monday evening for six weeks, learning the base moves of the sport. If a child then has an interest to study further, Pilsung Martial Arts provides additional courses, including belt level classes. The introductory six week course is $42 for Greenwood residents, $46 for non-residents.

Tae Kwon Do is a great place to start when considering martial arts because it not only teaches the discipline and respect that are associated with all martial arts, it also provides an introduction to self-defense. Protecting oneself from a bully, defending against a would-be abductor, and increasing a child's self confidence to stand up for themselves are all a part of this beginning Tae Kwon Do class.

So whether your child is begging to start their journey into Martial Arts, or if they just saw a couple action cartoons and want to learn how to fight back, this course might be just what you are looking for.