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Giving hope to those in Haiti

AP Photo/Gregory Bull
AP Photo/Gregory Bull

There are no words that can adequately describe the damage, destruction, or loss those in Haiti are feeling. But even in the midst of a huge tragedy such as this, there is still hope.

The aftermath in Haiti
AP Photo/Gregory Bull

Events that like these have a way of bringing the world together. They have a way of bringing some perspective on life. It can help us look at what’s really important. While we’ll never be able to replace all of the lives lost due to this tragedy, it’s important to give those surviving hope and love.

The outpouring of love for those in Haiti is amazing. Planes have been flying into Haiti at all hours of the night carrying vital supplies. Here in Ohio, a search in rescue team was sent to Haiti. The 80 member task force left Wright Patterson Air Force Base this morning.

Still Haiti is in need of many resources and they will be for years to come.

If you would like to donate, the Ohio Attorney General warns to check out the charity before donating. The Red Cross is telling people to visit the following sites;

Please check with your local churches as well. Some are in the process of gathering supplies to send to Haiti.

If you cannot donate anything please keep those in Haiti in your prayers. They will need our resources, our encouragement, and most of all, our love.

In times like these the only thing we can do is to help those in need. While we’ll never understand why events like these have to happen it’s important to learn from them. Our God is an amazing God and you can be sure that Haiti will be restored. We just need to be instruments of His love to them in anyway we can.

Below I’ve enclosed a slideshow of the devastation from the earthquake. Please be advised that the images are graphic. The images tell the story of what those in Haiti had to endure and still endure right now.


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