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Giving God the opportunity to work in your life

Faith requires us to take the first step. Think of Abraham. God promised him a homeland on the condition that he leaves everything. He did and the rest is history.

From this example, we can see how faith tends to work. God has wonderful promises in store for all of us, however, in order to receive those promises we must be able to take that first step. In that first step, we put our trust in God to lead us.

How do we know when it’s right?

While there are a myriad of factors to consider, weigh your options with God’s will. What is your intention for this? Who benefits from this? These are all factors to consider before taking the first step. Sometimes God wants you to move other times it’s not the right play. Aligning your goals and priorities with God’s will should give you all you need to make the right choice.

Taking the first step is hard but avoiding God’s promises is even harder. While fear, doubt or even timing may try to trip you up, always be open to possibility of change. Allow God to move you. It’s not an easy step nor will it ever be but it can transform your life and your relationship with God. There are many promises God has in store for us. All we need to receive them is the faith to pursue them.


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