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Givenchy: Basking In Basketball and Baucus


Riccardo Tisci bounced between basketball and Baucus, German architectural design delineating from linear lines, as the inspiration behind the collection for Givenchy. While the literal approach left much to be desired for a fan of his more gender bending, androgynous looks with skirts unapologetically layered of cropped pants and paired with gladiator sandals. Instead he designed loose-fitting leather looks that read more Puff Daddy of Bad Boy Records circa 1995 than Kanye West. The fur coats, collars and vests reminded me of both the rappers. Could the close proximity of rap royalty like Kanye West, influencing Tisci’s designs?

While marriage of hip-hop and high fashion is nothing new, the 90’s, a decade most notable for their music than their fashion, made an unlikely comeback leaving me clueless. Kind of like when a dated Disney movie finally leaped from VHS to DVD and now to Blu-ray. Tisci targeted a specific consumer, famous or financially stable—if “It’s All About the Benjamins Baby,” then more money shouldn't be a problem.

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