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Giveaway: Win FREE 'Lego Movie' books

Everything is awesome!
Everything is awesome!
DK Publishing

The average price of a movie ticket in New York City is $15, with an IMAX 3D title going as high as $21.50 a person. Add in the ridiculously overpriced (and bad for you) food and drinks (though Manhattan-ites, at least, are often spared the cost of parking, what with not actually owning cars), and a family of four is looking at a tab of $100+ for a few hours of fun.

Not very frugal.

But, as any parent will tell you, the price of a kiddie movie only starts with the cost of an admission tickets. The real punch to the pocket-book comes later, when the kids are begging you for the tie-in toys, the tie-in bedding, the tie-in food and the tie-in books so they can relive the experience over and over again.

While the NY Frugal Family Examiner would never tell parents how to discipline their children, when to give in to their pleading and when to draw the line and point out that no one ever died from the lack of an action figure, we will note that, when it comes to deciding which merchandise to purchase, books make the most frugal - and educational - sense. Not only are they cheaper than the toys and longer lasting than the food, they are also a way to keep your child from suffering summer brain drain by engaging them with books they're actually interested in.

To that end, if your boy or girl was a fan of this winter's hit, "The Lego Movie," know that, in conjunction with the inevitable DVD coming out on June 17, DK is also releasing four titles, including “The LEGO® Movie: The Essential Guide,” The LEGO® Movie: The Ultimate Sticker Collection,” “The LEGO® Movie: Calling All Builders (Level 1 Reader),” and “The LEGO® Movie: Awesome Adventures (Level 2 Reader).”

When given the books to review, NY Frugal Family's 10 year old "Lego Movie" fan reported that his favorite was "The Essential Guide," because it "Gave you more information about the characters. I learned that, in real life, the Wizard guy was the first actual Lego character to wear a sparkly cape."

While our 7 year old aficionado preferred "The Ultimate Sticker Collection," explaining that "It's fun to match the picture to the outline and learn extra about the superheroes and everybody else."

On the expert advice of our tween reviewers, and because the NY Frugal Family Examiner lives to help fellow New Yorkers save money, we are giving away a copy of both "The Essential Guide" and "The Ultimate Sticker Collection."

Just send an email to with the subject line "Win LEGO Books" to be entered in a drawing to win.

Winner will be notified on Friday, June 27.

Good luck!


Looking for more unique summer reading books that won't prompt moans of "I'm bored?" Try "The Worldwide Dessert Contest: Enhanced Multimedia Edition" by Dan Elish. Not only does it feature action, adventure and roller-skating apple pies, it's also comes with its own original musical score by a Broadway vet that you can listen to as you read the story! Get a FREE sample, here!

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