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Give Yourself Professional Hair Curls

If you want to have a cute, curly hairstyle without spending the high prices of a hair salon, you’re in luck. With the right tools and techniques, you can get a professional-looking hairstyle at home. Once you get used to the methods used, it will be easy to get the same look every day.

Use the Right Curling Iron

Instead of using a traditional curling iron, which can leave dents in the hair from the clamp, consider switching to a curling wand. The curling wand has the same base, but tapers at the end and has no clamp. Therefore, there is nothing to distort part of your curls. However, you have to be extra careful using this type of curling iron, as it can burn your hands. Most curling wands come with protective gloves to wear while you curl your hair. The Karmin Salon Pro Clipless Tourmaline Curling Iron is perfect for the right curls everytime.

Turn Down the Heat

Just because your curling iron goes up to 450 degrees, doesn’t mean you need to use it on the maximum heat. For most hair types, you should try to stay to around 350 degrees, or 375 degrees if you have extra thick hair that is hard to curl. Try using your curling iron or wand on a lower temperature, then seeing if it needs to be increased in order to get the curls you want. If you tend to need higher heat, a ceramic-plated iron is better for your hair.

Curl Away From Your Face

Unless you are going for an old-fashioned style, you will want to curl away from your face. Be sure when wrapping your hair around the curling wand, you have it facing the right way so that the curls go away from your face, instead of toward it. On one side, you will hold it will the tapered edge up, while on the other side, you will need to flip it so the tapered edge is pointing down. A few seconds for each curl should be plenty to get the curl you want. Don’t brush out the curls until you are finished with all of them.

Finishing the Style

If you want tight curls, you can leave them as-is, otherwise, brush lightly through the curls or use your hand to loosen them. This will give you a softer curled look. After curling your hair, you might want to add a holding spray so they last all day. Finer hair has a harder time holding curls than thicker hair, so keep this in mind.

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