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Give your home the blues for 2014-2015

Blue color choices are making a strong comeback into the world of decor and design. The only color that is not rearing it's head in the 2014-15 time frame is the country blue shades from the 80's. Every other shade is coming back strong, and there's good reason. Blues are calming, restful and moreover pair up greatly with the popular strong dark wood tones currently desired.

Contrary to what the article title might would suggest, blue colors are far from sad. Depending on what shade of blue you gravitate towards you can immediately impact the mood and feel in a a room and also those that will occupy the space. No one transformation in the home has the breadth of impact as does color. If you played it safe for years only venturing in the neutral zone, it is time to get out your paint brush and break free of those "safe" colors.

Unless your home is currently on the market, neutrals can be bypassed in your home design. Even so, many buyers are now embracing the other colors that are trending. Particularly shades of blue and green. Muted colors are on the downswing, and overtly bold colors in the reds and oranges can be a rolling of the dice as well. Fret not though, if you can't love your home, it's not worth spending time in. Greens and blues pair well also with crisp white trim which is timeless.

While you're stepping out of the proverbial kiddie pool into the deeper end of color, don't overlook awesome wallpaper. Wallpaper at one time used to be the headache of decorator and home owner alike, however, todays options, make unique and beautiful impressions with texture and style. Textured, with the added ability to paint- wallpaper is a wonderful way to cover walls in poor condition, so don't overlook these when you decide to transform your next room.

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