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Give your child a memory that will last a lifetime

I am always with you

Memories are one of the best gifts we are given in life. When we get older we stop and think about all the wonderful experiences we have had in life. Many of us are lucky enough to have baby books filled with loving photo's of our childhood. We look back and we may try to relive the experience and tap into the feelings we were feeling during that time.

When I found out that I was pregnant, I decided to start journaling to my daughter. I wrote about my feelings while being pregnant of excitement and worries. I wrote about all my hopes and dreams for her. I still write in that journal till this day. My husband and I write to her and tell her all about who she is friends with & what sort of things she likes. We trace her hand every year inside the book next to our hands. We let her add things to the book as well.

We also let family members write to her on her birthday in her journal. We like to get as many peoples perspective of her and how amazing she is. We share the joys and struggles that come along in her life so that one day she can look back on all that she has achieved.

To give your child a unique gift when they graduate from high school or college, start your journaling today.

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