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Give you yourself a gift fine for eating healthier and exercising more

A plate of vegetables
A plate of vegetables
Lance Becvar

Recently on the internet a mom in Canada was given a ten dollar fine by a daycare for sending the wrong kind of food for their children to eat at lunch time. This seems kind of an absurd thing to do considering how expense day care centers are. But the writer is at least able to understand the rationale for this decision; children need to be taught to eat healthier foods especially with the nation’s obesity rates so high. Now the writer would like to suggest that we as adults should also give ourselves a monetary fine for eating poorly but that would be no fun and who would you give the money to anyway. The writer is suggesting when we as adults can eat more fruits and vegetables and exercise more often, how about rewarding ourselves with a gift fine. This could mean putting extra money in a jar, every time you eat something healthy and at the end of the week buy yourself a gift as a reward. The rationale to do this is simple; our entire nation’s health care costs rise when we do not eat the proper foods and fail to exercise. Everyone eventually gets stuck with part of this bill, so why not choose to spend your money on something that you would enjoy more such as a IPAD or new clothes, the writer is sure that would make more sense to most people. For more information, please contact the writer through