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Give Valentine a gift promising lasting love: Pilates Reformer Duet Lessons

Valentines Couple Pilates
Valentines Couple Pilates

There is nothing better than giving your special Valentine a gift that will last forever. Jewelry is nice, but gone are the days when material items say ’I love you.” Finding a gift that is unique where both of you can have fun together is the perfect present. Kick that up a notch and find a gift that builds both bodies stronger, leaner and meaner this Valentine’s Day with Pilates Reformer Duet classes.

Pilates, a system of exercises using apparatus, was developed by Joseph Pilates in the early part of the 20th century, became popular and today excites over 12 million enthusiasts practicing the method. It conditions the entire body, especially alignment in the spinal and pelvic areas of the body; hint-perfect fitness for a nice, romantic evening. Pilates is usually performed on a mat, reformer or Wunda Chair. Any age can do Pilates. There are ways to modify the exercises, if need to, and exercises are for beginners up to more advanced work. It makes the perfect gift for a Valentine gift.

The reformer, a carriage built originally by Joseph Pilates, can be intimidating to some, but it takes approximately 3 minutes and one is passionately hooked. A bed look alike carriage, the reformer has different weighted springs that allow a little to a lot of resistance. Straps, stirrups and boxes are just a few of the side equipment that are used along the carriage.

The reformer gets results. While it aids in building strength, it gives a full body work-out that compliments any couple. Couples love the Pilates reformer. Each can go at their own pace, yet both are getting stronger, building endurance and developing balance. The core, or what Joseph called the powerhouse, is where the action lies. Pilates concentrates on using the torso for most of the moves, taking pressure out of the larger limbs, using smaller, intricate muscles to do the power work.

It is best to purchase a package of ten each to obtain obvious results. Find an instructor in your area that is nationally certified either by Balanced Body or Pilates Method Alliance. Many health clubs now have Pilates with certified trainers. Pricing varies with each studio and can range from fifty to one hundred per session. Always discuss diet and exercise with a healthcare practitioner before beginning the change of lifestyle.