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Give the gift of Kentucky authors this Christmas

Jeannie Foxx VanderMarliere
Jeannie Foxx VanderMarliere

‘Tis the season to ponder what to get the ones you love, the ones you work with and the ones you just know are going to be hard to shop for. Seasonal gift-giving for some has become a “have-to event” done begrudgingly so but for many it’s still an exciting tradition that blesses the giver as much as it does the recipient.

As a remembrance of all that our Creator gave to us, I personally love to give gifts…big or small, hand-made, personal and even quirky yet one of my favorite gifts to give is the gift of a well-written book. Naturally, what tops my list of well-written works is The Bible but I also have an affinity for Christian fiction.

For this Christmas season I’ve ventured into the genre of local Kentucky authors, specifically Christian authors who have the talent for writing interesting, mysterious, enjoyable fiction. Over the next few articles I will share some of my favorites, in hopes it will also inspire you to bless someone else with the gift of a book by one of our the many talented Kentucky authors.

Secrets Don’t Rest In Peace” by Jeannie Foxx VanderMarliere is a mystery centered around a family secret. The setting, an old prestigiously handsome Victorian era house just days before Christmas…

A Home is not a place, a city, a village, a piece of ground. Nor is it a building with four walls, a floor and a roof. A Home cannot be contained in one place, confined by wood, steel or brick. A Home is a state of mind. It is an emotion as real as love or fear. It is an emotion woven into the fabric of one's spirit, an emotion that continues to grow through out a life time. Many secrets lie hidden within the Home in every spirit…but Secrets Don't Rest in Peace.”

Jeannie, a local Kentucky author, who was blessed with the adventures of living all over this vast country before landing in Kentucky, says she caught the ‘writing bug’ many years ago. “The writing bug bit me during the Korean War. I wrote letters to my Uncle, a combat veteran of that conflict. I wrote to entertain him. I was too young to really understand what war was, but I was quite sure Uncle Ed wasn't having a whole lot of fun. I was hooked on writing when I received my first letter from my Uncle. I started keeping journals about a year later. And have been writing almost daily since then.”

When asked about her style of writing, Jeannie shared her personal motivations behind writing family-friendly books:” I want to entertain without explicit sex, violence or vulgar language. I want to give my readers a pleasant escape from whatever stress or confusion they have every day. I want my readers to be able to immerse themselves in someone else's reality and enjoy the experience. And I want Dad or Mom to be able to pass the book on to his or her teenager.”

Jeannie, who has been married nearly 50 years to the same wonderful man, has five children, a whole bunch of grandchildren, and a hand full of great-grandchildren. “I am too young to be a great-grandmother, but there are a lot of grown up people who call me Mom or Granny.”

She and her husband tried to instill many values in their children but four things they lovingly and emphatically impressed upon them were the following:

1. God is part of the family.

2. It is impossible for an intelligent mind to be bored. No one was allowed to use the "b" word.

3. There is no excuse for bad manners. That included being late and using bad grammar.

4. A dollar is never wasted when it is spent to buy a book.

You can find teasers on Jeannie’s newest works, additional biographical info and find out how to order “Secrets Don’t Rest In Peace” by clicking on the following link:

Secrets Don’t Rest In Peace

Other Kentucky Christian authors to peek into:

Ann Gabhardt - "The Seeker"

Karen McCracken - "Running On E'

Virginia Smith - "Into the Deep"

Interested in becoming a Kentucky Author? Check out the following link for the 2011 Christian Writers Conference:

KY Christian Writers Conference


  • Rguyug 4 years ago

    Hey ! I'm bored ! lol - Books always make some of the best gifts and their cherished for a lifetime ! Their also a great representation of friendship ! : )

  • carolsmiley 4 years ago

    Hey, I'm bored. I think I will buy a book, made and created in Kentucky. The lovely state with fast horses and beautiful women, beautiful creative women that is! Merry Christmas, all.

  • Profile picture of Karen McCracken
    Karen McCracken 4 years ago

    Well the readers must not be too bored if they took the time to read the article...and hopefully you all will check out the wonderful authors of Kentucky. Kentucky IS indeed filled with many wonderful writers, women and not-so-boring people. God Bless.

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