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Give respect to whom it is due

Wait a minute, wait a minute, and wait a minute! Have we gone back in time to World War II, the era of the Nazi regime, when the rhetoric in Germany was that the Jews were Mongrels and sub humans? The question is asked, in that this was the language and depiction that was made about our very own current President, by an individual who is a stench supporter of the GOP party in Texas. This is nothing new, except the rhetoric and actions of America is reaching its plateau, the same words that were used on the Jews right before the Holocaust took place in Germany. America, humanity wake up, what is happening in front of our very own eyes? Whether Republican or Democrats, bigotry and innate hatred reside in the conscious and subconscious souls of America. Disdain and hate for President Obama and people of color, still exist and it is at its highest peak?

We build this nation on the sweat of our brow
We build this nation on the sweat of our brow
We are the same are we not?

Is the African American culture or race on the verge of extinction by the rest of America? Is this not what was said and carried out against African Americans, during, and after slavery by their Caucasian counterparts? For Ted Nugent to make such a remark, dehumanizing the President of the United States and to call him a gangsta, is beyond evil and should warrant outrage, across all parties and race lines. This is the type of language that leads to evil uprisings and extermination of people, genocide, much like what took place in Rwanda, Liberia, Sudan, Germany, and many other places around the world, where ethnic cleansing have taken place. We must not take these words or language lightly but instead continue to educate ourselves and suppress this demonic tune with the power of our minds, votes, pens, and voices. Before taking the mold from someone else's eyes, lets us Americans take the mode from our own eyes.