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Give others the benefit of the doubt as much as possible

Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ Conquers All
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The benefit of the doubt indicates one’s ability to consider someone’s word, while having self-doubt regarding a specific issue, but not knowing all of the details to be sure. To have such ability is a gift and a beautiful one at that. If we all could offer someone the benefit of the doubt, before jumping to conclusions and result in unfair judgment, than perhaps we could also be passing on some of our Lord’s love and compassion as well.

In Luke 6:31: “Do to others as you would have them do to you”, depicts the words in which our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ sought to have us be and do to those around us. Regardless who the person is, what he or she believes or anything other than the person being a fellow human. We are asked simply to love, love each other as we would love ourselves. This love implies for us to be good to each other, without expecting good in return.

The concept of love according to Jesus implies compassion and unwavering kindness to those who come your way. Most of whom will make ample efforts to hurt you, but this should not be an excuse to deny them of love, for all of God’s children need love.

The secret is to love your neighbor blindly, without attending to all the sins he or she has committed, but rather the love that is in his or her heart. We must look for the Light in our fellow brethren’s eyes. All of us are human, and henceforth created by God. Understand that all of us humans possess a piece of God, our Heavenly Father. All who are human carry this part of God with them always. Therefore, we must treat those around us with dignity and respect.

Beloved you all must adhere to this concept of love according to our Lord and keep it close to your heart always. Being unwaveringly kind and compassionate can at times be very difficult. However, remember that our Lord knows our hearts and can see our intentions in a given situation. Perhaps, if we all could make efforts to try a bit each day, we could move that much closer to our Lord Jesus.

As you begin your day, consider ways in which you can show a little more love and compassion. Do your best to love all who may come onto your path. The end will one day come to us. Do not deny your brother and sister from experiencing love. Be that light that our Lord wants us all to be.

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