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donation site
donation site
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Gurnee, IL – Lake County is home to a new, technology-driven organization created to help non-profits stretch their dollars by getting donations of the items they need to operate free of charge.
Named giveNkind (after the term “in-kind” used to describe donations of goods) the new, Gurnee-based non-profit will help charitable organizations nationwide bridge the gap between what they have and what they need to thrive. giveNkind refers to itself as a “third-party non-profit corporation (3NPC),” a non-profit founded to serve other non-profits.
“Many community nonprofits struggle to make ends meet. They strive to serve as many people as possible, but need tangible items to extend their reach. In many cases, these items are sitting unused in basements and closets,” says Emily Petway, founder of giveNkind.
Prior to starting giveNkind, Petway founded the Atlanta chapter of Becca’s Closet, a non-profit that provides prom dresses to girls without the means to buy them, In her role, she discovered that much more than dresses were needed to fulfill the agency’s mission.
Since moving to her hometown of Gurnee in 2012, Petway has dreamed of building an online community that would connect people and businesses that have items to donate with the non-profits that need them. In 2012, that dream came closer to reality when Petway recruited nine volunteer and advisory board members and, in February 2014, received the IRS letter approving giveNkind’s non-profit 501(C)3 status.
While there are other web sites that help facilitate in-kind donations, giveNkind will host the first nonprofit site with the functional features needed to ensure the best match between donations to nonprofit recipients across the country at no charge to donors or nonprofits.
The givenkind team hired the University of Illinois Business Consulting Group, the largest student-run, for-profit consultancy in the U.S., to develop a business and marketing plan. The agency is seeking individual and corporate sponsorships as well as grant funding to build the website.
“Money just isn’t available to help small non-profits meet operational expenses,” says Petway. “Imagine how much more good your favorite charity will do when it doesn’t have to buy items it will be able to get through donations obtained with the help of giveNkind.” If you are interested in volunteering, donating, or learning more about giveNkind, please visit their site at or contact Emily Petway at

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