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Give Mom a colorful gift she will use


Mother's Day is on Sunday. What will give you give Mom to show your appreciation for all she does for you? Will it be another flower, lunch or a scarf that she won't use? This year give her an affordable gift she is sure to use at least five days a week.

Add WOW to Mom's Day with an insulated Lunch bag

The busy, working Mom is always looking for ways to do the "right thing" for the environment, her family and herself. Luckily, there is a gift that will answer all these requirements. How about a useful, colorful insulated tote for Mom to carry her favorite lunch to work? The selections are endless.

The best thing is...

  • Mom can be stylish as she carries her lunch to work 
  • Buy online or in local stores in Harrisburg area stores
  • Save the planet by using re-using the bag
  • All the colors are sure to brighten her every day

Take a look at what is available online at Cool Mom picks ,  Etsy , or , to name a few. The online options for personal color statements for Mom are endless.

In a pinch and don't have time to order online? Harrisburg Target sells a re-usable tote from Mario Batalli

Mom will love thinking about you every day when she packs her lunch in one of these inspiring lunch bags. And from $10 to $50, you can find one that fits your Mom and your budget.

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