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“Give Me Some Sugar” a place to get sweets and get your hands dirty baking

There's a charm and simple joy in baking pastries that cooking, for all it's delights, doesn't always have. Perhaps it's because cooking carries with it the tension of trying to make a meal that'll keep you alive, while desert making is purely for the sake of making dishes that taste good. Perhaps it's just because deserts have lots more sugar.

Either way, Give Me Some Sugar, a baking store located on 2205 Belmont Avenue, is a great places for adults and children to buy tasty delicacies and stain their hands with flour while learning to bake complex deserts.

Give Me Some Sugar's main windows have model cakes and plates of deserts on display like most bakeries do, but it's friendly array of wall and ceiling decorations, including a row of mobiles made from cupcake wax paper, give it a unique touch. The shop section itself is filled with shelves of packaged goods, ingredients such as sprinkles, flavor powders, and cake decorations both edible and inedible. One row of shelves contains little 'baking' kits, bow-tied plastic bags with packaged incredients and recipe pamphlets that buyers can follow to make delicious servings of pastries.

The back of the store has a row of simple tables, shelves of baking tools and ovens for the many different baking classes hosted at this location. Each Friday evening, parents bring their kids to a Cupcake Decorating event, where cupcakes are baked and often sprinkled to a gloriously excessive extent. The Basic Cake Decorating courses on the weekends teach adults how to decorate and adorn pre-baked chocolate cakes with frosting, letters, crumbing coatings and so on, then take it home with them to enjoy or serve to friends and family. The cheapest of these courses, the Open Piping Practice, runs from Tuesday through Thursday, and provides an open space for cake-making novices to practice layering frosting on cakes with pipettes and pastry bags.

People interested in baking who can't stop by the Give Me Some Sugar store can look up delectable recipes on their main website and learn to make things ranging from soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies to vanilla buttercream frosting. The recipe page also contains a chart displaying common frosting decoration techniques, and a reference sheet on how to color fondant icing.

Give Me Some Sugar's mascot, the French Queen Marie Antoinette, supposedly said “let them eat cake” in response to the famine sweeping the her working class on the eve of the French Revolution. Her quote was a symbol of callous indifference in it's day; in the present, it's a perfectly appropriate slogan for Give Me Some Sugar, as a store that not only sells cakes, but teaches people how to make them for themselves.

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