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Give good lips for national lipstick day

Today is one of my favorite national holidays: National Lipstick Day (confetti everyone)! Ok, so it is not a holiday per se; but it is a national day and if it is on the calendar I will celebrate. There are definitely dos and don’ts when one give great lips; so I will let you in on those secrets and also in honor of this celebration let’s rate some of the hottest lips in the business and how they wear the fête of the day.


1. Experiment with color- Don’t be afraid to try a great pink, orange, plum or red. Do not think that you have to only wear a nude or pale color spice it and surprise him.

2. Use a lip liner- Lip liners help the lipstick stay in place so it does not bleed out of the lip line.

3. Try on different textures for your lips- matte lip color is awesome especially to wear at the beach. If you want to vamp it up add gloss and to make it more exciting be very Greta Garbo about it and wear red lips


1. Some colors and hues are only for the club or photo shoot- Just because you saw silver or blue lips on Rhianna in Vogue doesn’t mean that you should wear it on your 9 to 5.

2. Don’t use a bold lip and bold eye shadow- Bold lip equals light or subdued eye shadow

3. Do not over define your lips by using a very dark liner and lighter lip- Lip stick and lip liner should complement each other not compete.

So Ladies celebrate national lipstick day by kissing your love one all over, I promise they will love and remember July 29th ALWAYS! HAPPY LIPSTICK DAY

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