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Give five natural and organic gifts to a loved one (even if it's you) for $10

Try 3 for $2 on Abe's Market
Try 3 for $2 on Abe's Market
Abe's Market

Gift giving just got cleaner, easier, and less expensive. Insert Abe's Market, an online retailer of natural, organic, and eco-friendly goods, who recently launched their sampling program, where you can try three samples of products on their site for $2 (including shipping.) Think anything from Burt's Bees lotion to Pirate's Booty to lubricant.

The recipient receives a beautifully packaged gift in the mail with their three samples inside. Yes, you can gift your friends, family, or yourself three products for $2 with no shipping charge. If you're already a fan of natural products, introduce four friends to healthy living and gift yourself one for your good deed, all for $10. Sounds like an infomercial, but without the catch, and the additional monthly payments of $19.95.

Not familiar with Abe's Market? You will be soon. They've been in business for over 2 years and have been featured everywhere from natural bloggers to the Wall Street Journal to Good Morning America. In browsing their site, I found the everyday big hitting brands found in your local co-op, but many more unique offerings you won't find elsewhere (radiation blocking blankets, clay cookware, pet bullying remedies, etc.) Montezuma's Chocolate (a popular UK brand) is exclusively sold in the U.S. through Abe's.

Check out the sampling program on the Abe's Market website; the list grows daily. They have a local marketing office right in Minneapolis that's extending the reach of natural products to your doorstep one sample at a time.