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Give a Valentine's Day Gift of Pilates to that Special New Mom in your Life

There are some Pilates studios where new moms can bring their babies to class.
There are some Pilates studios where new moms can bring their babies to class.

Do you know someone who has recently had a baby? Or have you recently given birth? If so, give the gift of Pilates lessons to that new mom or yourself this Valentine's Day. Pilates after pregnancy is the perfect way to get back in shape and feel great!

A new mom needs to give herself some time to heal from giving birth and should follow the doctor's advice as to when it is alright to exercise again. When she is ready she should start with basic Pilates workouts and slowly work her way up. A basic Pilates workout can get that new mom back in shape by tightening abdominals and helping with any back problems resulting from pregnancy.

If she's had a c-section, she will probably be told not to do anything to put strain on her abdominals for about six weeks or until the scar is healed. When she is ready for exercise she may have a problem feeling her abdominal muscles at first because most of the muscles have been cut through and replaced by scar tissue. So, if you are a new mom, be kind to yourself when you begin Pilates and understand that it will be a process for your body to undergo, but it will be worth it.

Small classes or private instruction is recommended rather than a large group class so that a new mom receives instruction tailored to her needs. Some Pilates instructors also offer classes specifically for post partum where she may even be able to bring the baby.

For even better results, combine Pilates, which is primarily composed of exercises for core strength and flexibility, with some aerobic activity such as walking or water aerobics. New moms will be back in shape and feeling great in no time!