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Give a little, get a lot - Motorcycle Photography by Frank Bott

The beauty is in the details
The beauty is in the details

The gift of every good photographer is the ability to see things others cannot. Successful photographers have a knack for capturing an image in a way that makes words unnecessary. A picture of a restored 1962 Bobber may represent a lifetime goal to one hard worker. The same photo may launch a trip down memory lane for someone else. Pictures may trigger memories, but good pictures bring those memories to life with sentiment.

Frank Bott makes a living in a unique way. As a bike enthusiast, he photographs custom and vintage motorcycles free of charge. With military precision, Frank transforms a vulnerable memory into a permanent digital image. That single image can embody one hundred hours of restoration work, thousands of dollars in parts, and an array of different emotions. For a biker, the picture can symbolize success or serve as a lasting connection to an old friend.

As a professional photographer, Frank represents an impressive client list which includes Getty Images, the New York Times, Harley Davidson, and Doctors without Borders. With the focus of a surgeon, he manipulates 26,000 watts of light against the reflection of his studio floor and fabric backdrop. The final product can be a crystal clear close-up of the chain on a custom-built Chopper or an instant reminder of the pain of bruised knuckles.

Advertisers depend on the detail conveyed in quality pictures to showcase their products. Frank Bott’s photography is an advertiser’s dream. An image packed with enough clarity can sell a feather light rim to a cyclist who has never touched one. The key to success is the patience and work ethic to invest thirty hours into getting that one, perfect photograph.

Frank has gifted more than two hundred bikers with lifelong images of priceless memories. The irony is that giving away the fruits of his labor are the very reason he is successful. Shared digital images and word of mouth enable Frank to work with the lucrative companies like the Lotus Dealerships and Newsweek who can reward him for his efforts. Sharing the gift of photography has given Frank Bott a rewarding career and given many lucky bikers the gift of great memories.

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