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Giuliana Rancic dyes hair ultra blonde: Summer hair care tips for blondes

Giuliana Rancic dyed her hair ultra blonde.
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez

Giuliana Rancic lightened her highlighted brown hair to ultra blonde reported Us Weekly Tuesday. The 39-year-old television personality publicly debuted her new blonde bob on E! News with co-host/hubby Bill Rancic Monday night from Chicago. Rancic is sporting one of the hottest summer looks, however, extra TLC must be given to the care of ultra blonde hair while playing in the sun. Read on for summer hair care tips specific to blondes.

The E!News host began to tease her new ultra blonde locks on Instagram last week with a photo of her hair with foils. A series of pictures ensued displaying a trendy, rooty look with captions such as, “It’s not kinda blond or sorta blond…it’s straight up blond! And “As I like to say…go big or go home.” Giuliana Rancic then teased to tune in to E! for the big reveal. “Go big” she did. The mom of a toddler has gone from brown to ultra blonde, but this is not as easy as it looks.

Giuliana Rancic’s hair color obviously received a double process to reach her ultra blonde style. So take note those who want a similar transformation, it isn’t a quick service. The lighter locks require proper and professional products to keep the hair healthy and conditioned and frequent trims to avoid split ends. Avoid daily washing and use a dry shampoo to keep locks fresh in the warm weather.

Although Rancic’s hair might be very light, it still requires a shield from color fade while in the sun. Wear a hat and use hair care with UV protection. Yes it is fun and refreshing to swim in the summer, but lightened and all color-treated hair should stay away from chlorinated water. Wear a bathing cap or don’t go under the water, and if a dip is unavoidable then rinse the hair with fresh hose water immediately upon leaving the pool.

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