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Giudices to plead: Joe and Teresa Giudice set to plead guilty tomorrow

Joe and Teresa Giudice
Joe and Teresa Giudice
Photo by Kena Betancur/Getty Images

The Giudices are set to plead guilty to fraud and other charges in court tomorrow, March 4. According to ABC News Joe and Teresa Giudice have agreed to a plea deal that will see their sentences much less than what they would have faced had they pleaded "not guilty" and were convicted. This decision isn't surprising to most people who sort of knew that the couple's lawyers would figure something out before they showed up in court again.

"Teresa Giudice is expected to plead guilty to four charges, including at least one count of fraud. She is potentially facing two years in prison, but the final decision on that will be made by the judge at sentencing," reports ABC News.

News that the Giudices were to plead guilty was the exact opposite of what Teresa Giudice's attorney said that his client was going to do. She denied the charges from the beginning and many thought that she was going to place the blame on her husband and try and get off by claiming that she wasn't aware of what "funny business" he was doing behind her back. Now, however, it looks like she's struck a deal and maybe, just maybe, she will get out of this with a fine and probation. Joe, on the other hand, could face a stiffer punishment. But will he be deported?

"The plea deal will not keep Joe, who's not a US citizen but from Italy, from being deported. After conviction, US immigration officials get to decide if they want to proceed with sending him back to Italy," reports ABC News.

Are you surprised the Giudices are expected to plead guilty tomorrow? Do you think Teresa will spend any time behind bars? Will Joe be sent back to Italy?

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