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GITMO Judge directs CIA to turn over torture details

Kimberly Dvorak

The GITMO military judge for the USS Cole bombing ordered the U.S. government /CIA to provide defense lawyers details of the CIA’s clandestine overseas interrogations of a man accused of planning the U.S. ship bombing.

“Army Col. James L. Pohl issued the five-page order Monday. It was sealed as document 120C on the war court website Thursday morning and, according to those who’ve read it, orders the agency to provide a chronology of the overseas odyssey of Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, 49, from his capture in Dubai in 2002 to his arrival at Guantanamo four years later,” according to the Miami Herald’s Carol Rosenberg.

“The judge’s order instructs prosecutors to provide nine categories of closely guarded classified CIA information to the lawyers — including the names of agents, interrogators and medical personnel who worked at the so-called black sites. The order covers “locations, personnel and communications” as well as cables between the black sites and headquarters that sought and approved so-called enhanced interrogation techniques,” the two sources said.

While the judge’s shift was welcome news to defense attorneys, legal scholars suggest the order will not be met with enthusiasm at the CIA. They further explain that the idea of the CIA turning over top-secret documents to 9/11 terrorist attorneys is unlikely.

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