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Gisele Bundchen on ATV with baby explained: Not a dangerous situation?

When Gisele Bundchen was captured in a picture riding an ATV with her baby in her arms and neither were wearing helmets, the outrage started. While it might look dangerous, the still shots didn’t show how slow she was going. This is what her rep reported as soon as the critics showed their angst on social networks, according to Yahoo on Jan. 15.

Gisele Bundchen rides ATV with baby without a helmet causing uproar.
YouTube screen shot

The new picture almost looks as if she is breast feeding the baby riding the ATV, which would really be a multitasking feat. Gisele posted a picture a few weeks back showing how she was breastfeeding her baby while her team worked on her hair, makeup and nails. She called this multitasking.

For some reason this picture also caused controversy. It seems that Gisele, who is the wife of NFL player Tom Brady, can’t get a break as people continue to pull her parenting skills apart. OK, riding an ATV without a helmet is dangerous business for anyone holding a baby, but she was on the sand at the beach and her rep said she was going very slowly.

Another picture of Gisele driving while holding her baby also made headlines a while back. While this too is considered dangerous and illegal, you can't imagine that she would knowingly put her baby in a risky situation. Maybe she was just in a hurry to get away from the swarms of paparazzi?

You would think that it was a breath of fresh air to see someone as famous as Gisele always with her baby. You don’t see that from the Kardashian sisters or some of the other celebrity moms today.

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