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Girls prefer geeks


Gone are the days of the jock always getting the girls, the nerd is top dog now. The underdog, geeky guys with glasses and an impressive collection of Magic: The Gathering cards are just swimming in babes. And that's pretty good news considering that most of the population considers themselves more handy with gadgets and computers rather than gym equipment. Of adults in the United States, 71% are tech-savvy and just 29% clock in a lot of gym hours.

Women are at the forefront of embracing the nerd as a possible romantic interest as 84% of them would rather a nerd over a gym rat. Men have yet to hop aboard the geek bandwagon with just 58% preferring a nerd over a gym rat.

Most Americans would agree that women find techies more attractive now than they did five years ago, 64% of men and 73% of women agree with this. Now with those statistics, there are bound to be some geek-imposters. But being caught in a web of lies like that is grounds, in many people's book, for a break up.

If you had to choose a love interest, would you prefer a geek or a gym rat? Let us know in the comments and don't forget to like and share. Check out the infographic here to learn more.