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Girls Only, makes you blush, tear up, lactate, and all that the other girlie type stuff

It's not easy being from Venus. The culture is packed with formalities and subtleties that could drive any man insane. Women are a breed which prides on being well-groomed, well-prepared, and well-liked. They indulge in high expectations as much as they do personal insecurities and whatever else it is they want, they want it now.
But perhaps the most characteristic aspect of the female culture is that it is based on sharing stories, either of feelings or experiences, with our fellow womankind any chance we get. When comedians Linda Klein and Barbara Gehring get together to share their childhood experiences with an audience, a zany, candid, and somewhat nudie ride through all things womanly ensues.
Klein and Gehring deliver a bawdy sketch comedy of self-deprecating humor in Girls Only that ranges from the absurd to the stereotypically sentimental. Switching between song, dance, skits, puppetry and improvisations, the international comedy duo uses the most notoriously hilarious female stereotypes to cut into the core of what represents Western femininity.
There were certain moments during the show when I had to roll my eyes at some of the predictable female mockery, but those moments were often followed by something equally fresh and hilarious. Klein and Gehring composed the show based on their own childhood diaries. They say Girls Only was an attempt to re-enact what it would have been like if these two adult best friends had known each other as young girls. The two also incorporate the audience into their re-enactment through interactive songs, improvisations, and of course, note passing.
At the risk of sounding too much like the opening segment of the Oprah Winfrey Show, Girls Only reminds you why you love being a girl by jabbing at your insecurities through course testimonials and wacky characterizations. Do you remember how you felt the first time you liked a boy? How about the first time you were rejected by that boy? Klein and Gehring make you take a look back at both and laugh until you maybe pee a little. So prepare with some depends, some tissues, and an honest sense of humor. Rated PG-13. 


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