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Girls night out

Nothing rejuvenates like a night out with the girls!
Nothing rejuvenates like a night out with the girls!
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Women over 30, with children, should make every effort possible to have a Girl's Night Out at least once a month.   Words cannot express how much a simple night out with friends can rejuvenate the body, mind, and soul. 

If time is a factor, squeeze in a quick happy hour at Chickie and Pete's.  If you're up for something right away and a bit more elaborate, take advantage of Atlantic City Restaurant Week, which runs until March 6th.  With tons of restaurants participating you can enjoy your friends' company over dinner for only $33.10 per person.  Cap the evening off by heading to any of the numerous clubs in the casinos for some stress relieving dancing!

It is absolutely amazing what a couple hours of catching up and laughter can do for you.  It's almost as if you refuel for the next couple of weeks.  You'll know instantly when your next outing is due by the desperate need you'll feel to get out of the house again!  When that urge strikes don't wait too long to act, as you may become complacent and entirely too much time will pass.

Whether big or small, or even in someone's living room, these outings are essential to survival as we get older.  In order to properly love your significant other and be the best mom that you can be it is crucial that you take time for yourself to laugh and play with friends.  Your spirit will be lifted and energized which will help you focus on the various tasks at hand.

If it makes it easier, why not set a specific day each month aside as the "stick to date"?  For instance, how about the first Saturday of each month?  In between the activities you have penciled in for your children it should be very easy to simply write yourself in on that one day! 

These outings can be considered your first step to a full-blown Girl's Weekend Getaway!  Baby steps, and before you know it you'll be packing a suitcase and leaving all your cares behind for one glorious weekend per year.  Stay tuned for more on the ridiculous advantages to that adventure....

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