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Girls' Lacrosse Fashionista Corner: What lacrosse players love

Kirsten "Kiki" Wozniak, playing lacrosse for River Dell High School
Madeline Toohey

Kiki Wozniak is a junior at River Dell High School and plays varsity lacrosse. She shared the "Must Haves" for girls' lacrosse.

Crazy socks are popular. With these, players can stand out. There are several websites that provide some wild-looking lacrosse socks, :

Nike Dri-Fit Head Ties
The brighter the color of the head band, the better.

  • Tennis Warehouse is currently selling a unique mango print head tie that every lacrosse player should check out.
  • has Skinny Dri Fit Bands, Braided Headbands, and elastic headbands.
  • has several great tie back headbands, including a neon yellow.

Lacrosse players wear wild and crazy lacrosse shorts.

  • Dick's Sporting Goods have a great collection both on-line and in the Paramus, NJ store.
  • has a lot of great lacrosse shorts, including camo-themed.

Lacrosse players wear pinnies while playing. There are opportunities for players to choose pinnies that stand out from other people's.

  • Lacrosse Pinnies has the capabilities to create your own lacrosse pinnie online.
  • Tribe Head sells a variety of lacrosse pinnies, including some that are created through sublimation.
  • is another place lacrosse pinnies can be designed. Players can add their team number to the pinnie.

In terms of equipment, Kiki says Warrior Equipment, especially the shoes they produce, are a much needed brand by every lacrosse player.

For players looking to shop in person, Lacrosse Unlimited is a great chain that provides every type of lacrosse equipment and accessory. There is one store located in Ridgewood, NJ.

One tradition Kiki's team has: They wear colorful ribbons in their hair and then tie the ribbons to their lacrosse bags after games. The collections of ribbons on the bags symbolize all of the games they played and is another way to style up the bag.

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