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Girls gone rogue: the short list

Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin
Associated Press

It is not improper for an American, whatever your affiliation, to have a “short list.” The candidates on a short list are usually considered “the best” and desirable – a person worthy of presence and examination.

This Examiner will devout her list to notorious women in the news today who are doing “the best” at being “the worst.” They incite finger-pointing and will not take blame. A decade has passed, yet they still creep into mainstream media.

Why have a notorious women list? This is a last ditch effort, and a personal request, for these three women to take a bow (or curtsy) from the media, and disappear into communication obscurity.

Worst Mother:
Susan Smith

She is probably not the first “worst mother” of America, but Smith just may be the most notorious. Almost fifteen years after she murdered her two children, Smith is now requesting a new trial claiming, among other things, she did not receive proper representation, and she was a victim of sexual abuse. Abuse victim or not, nothing justifies submerging your children in a vehicle into a lake.

Worst Quasi Politician
Sarah Palin

This moose-hunting mother of five blames McCain’s staff for her bad relationship with the media and Americans. Any American that has listened to her bumbling non-answers, would agree with McCain and Co. to keep her quiet. Need I say more?

Worst President
Roberta Combs.

Under Ms. Comb’s rule of the Christian Coalition of America, her “troops” have gone awry and news stories are popping up causing conservative Christian havoc. The latest: Georgia Christian Coalition president Jerry Luquire cried foul over proprosed legislation protecting child “prostitutes.” The proposed legislation would label any boy or girl “prostitutes” under the age of 16 as victims, not criminals. The Christian Coalition is dedicated to “protecting innocent life,” however, victims of prostitution must be exempt.

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  • Mother Who Hunts 5 years ago

    You seem to be making a correlation between hunting and a person's level of intelligence, which I don't appreciate. Just because she hunts, and had one bad speech, doesn't mean she's stupid.

  • Carrie Chesney 5 years ago

    She may not be "stupid," but she sure isn't articulate.

  • party girl 5 years ago

    hmmmm...Hunting is STUPID and so a is Sarah Palin!

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