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Girls building skills for the future

There have been news articles in recent months that have shown our students in the United States to be falling behind in math and science education, and our Department of Education has begun to implement programs in schools around the country to solve the crisis in these two subject areas. Early childhood educators know that math and science can be introduced at an early age and early childhood curriculum includes basic skills to develop children's interest in both math and science. Math and science skills translate into building and engineering skills that are needed for future careers in these fields.

Girls honored in Germany for future engineering
Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Primrose School and Early Learning Center in the Lakewood Ranch area of Sarasota incorporates math and science concepts into daily learning activities. Research has shown that children naturally enjoy math and science and they will use these concepts in play activities. Numbers, relationships, math operations needed for later algebraic use in engineering, measurement, and patterns are all part of the early curriculum at Primrose. Each classroom also has a block area for building and creating designs. Children are also given the opportunity to develop verbal skills by describing their block and design creations. Primrose school is located at 9127 Town Center Parkway in the Lakewood Ranch area of Sarasota..

The Legos company introduced their legos for girls in past years. Girls have always played with logos to create building projects, and this company has capitalized on this by creating kits with pastel colors.

If you watched the Super Bowl this February, you saw a short commercial for the new toy concept Goldiblox. Debbie Sterling, the creator of Goldiblox, studied engineeriing at Stanford. She discovered the lack of women in her field, and invented Goldiblox as a way to create interest in building, design, and engineering for girls. She competed with 15,000 other small business owners for a commercial spot during Super Bowl XLVIII, and won a spot. This toy is geared specifically for girls with its color schemes and ideas for developing strong verbal skills. Check out the videos at and also at, to see the fun video that won a commercial spot for this year's Super Bowl game. Other videos for this innovative building toy for girls can also be seen via YouTube by searching for Goldiblox. Goldiblox incorporates developmentally appropriate play skills into skills that will be needed for future jobs in math and engineering jobs.

Girls and building make a great combination for future engineering jobs. Great math and science curriculum in our early learning centers and innovative building toys that inspire girls to design and build will ensure the availability of qualified women for the field of engineering.

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