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‘Girls’ actor Andrew Rannells would like sex scenes with Hugh Jackman

Actor Andrew Rannells arrives to the premiere of HBO's 'Looking' at Paramount Theater on the Paramount Studios lot on January 15, 2014 in Hollywood, California.
(Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

A guy can dream, and “Girls” actor Andrew Rannells has a dream he hopes plays out on the show. In a report by E! Online on March 17, Rannells hopes his character Elijah finds a boyfriend on the show and he’d like that special man to by played by Hugh Jackman.

Rannells made his crush on Hugh Jackman known during the recent Television Academy’s “Girls” panel, telling E! that he also would love to see his character engage in some gay sex action to rival HBO’s other hit show, “Looking.”

I volunteered myself for nakedness. I feel like with Looking on air, I gotta represent some gay sex on the show. I’m willing.”

Rannells, who played a gay character on the NBC canceled comedy “The New Normal”, what brought on to play Elijah during season three of “Girls”. He was brought on to do just one episode, but his sudden availability, made him a regular.

Lena Dunham and [executive producer] Jenni Konner called within 45 minutes of that show being canceled and said, ‘Just come back. Just come back to s. You always have a place here at Girls.”

Andrew Rannells said he felt protected and is “lucky to be a part of the show.” He also wouldn’t mind his character actually crossing over to “Looking.” His Hugh Jackman dream hookup on the show may be a reach, but sharing scenes with Jonathan Groff and the “Looking” cast is something fans of both shows would like to see happen. Rannells wouldn’t mind that at all.

“There are cute guys [On Looking. That Jonathan Groff!...I’ve known Jonathan for a long time. He looks good. He looks real good.”

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