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Girlfriend vs. girl friends


Girlfriend vs. girl friend
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During lunch with a close guy friend, the following was fired at me: “How much crazy is acceptable? Because I love my girlfriend 95% of the time and I want to marry her 95% of the time, but she freaks out that other 5% of the time – about you.”

Girls, have you ever lost a good guy friend because his girlfriend has some unknown vendetta against you? How do you deal with that?

Jealousy issues are one of the most prominent in relationships. Now I can understand jealousy that stems from infidelity and deeper trust issues. What I do not understand is why girlfriends get jealous of their man’s lady friends for no reason. Girlfriends, if your man tells you he loves you, has never been unfaithful, has never led you astray, and isn’t creepin’ behind your back, why must you make him break up with his lady friends? If your romantic relationship truly is built on trust (which I hope it is), then let it go.

Likewise, ladies, your men should not make you break up with your guy pals, either. Nobody said that once you begin a romantic relationship you have to ditch all friends of the opposite sex that you have independent of one another. That is not healthy. You simply cannot spend 24-7 with your beau. You need your own friends, too, in order to maintain a balance in your life.

So what do you do if your guy friend ends your friendship over his new lady? Well, at the point it is out of your hands, but if you truly have a strong friendship, hopefully he will realize that and stand up to his woman. If not, then it is obvious what his priorities are and better to learn that sooner than later, right?

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